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Mathematics is a difficult subject for many students. Children struggle with math because they don't enjoy it or they don't see how it is relevant to their future.

As a parent, you should encourage your student to spend time learning mathematics and pointing out how you use math in your everyday life - at home or at work. Even though math is difficult and requires a good deal of study time, parents should maintain a high level of expectations for their children to ensure success. Studies have shown that children perform better in subjects that interest them.

Generally I have seen many people who proudly say "I hate math". When hearing this young children also think it is some thing great that if they do bad in maths.So unknowingly they began to hate math.So, don't tell your child "math is hard" because they will believe you.Inspire confidence in them.

Be practical. Find something your child likes and relate it to math.

When doing problems,take it step-by-step. Do not get overwhelmed by the entire problem at once; break it down into small manageable pieces.

Encourage your child to be creative when problem solving. There is always more than one way to skin a cat and math isn't that different. Let your child explore alternative viewpoints - the teacher's way is not the only way.


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