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Today we can discuss a topic from functions.


Let A anb B be two non empty sets. A function "f" from a set A to a set B is a rule so that to each element x in A there corresponds exactly one element y in B, under f ,then we say that f is a functin from A to B and write
f:A -> B

y is called the image of x under f and is denoted by f(x). x and y are respectively called the independent variable and the dependent variable. We also say that y is a function of x and write


  1. In the family of circles, the area A of the circle is a function of radius r of the circle.
    Here radius r is the independent variable and area A is the dependent variable

  2. The speed of a chemical reaction increases 2 times with the addition of every 5 milligrams of a catalyst. Here the amount of catalyst is the independent variable and speed of the chemical reaction is the dependent variable.


  1. Dave said...
    I am Dave from Perth Australia.Studing in grade 11. Very nice blog. You have explained the topics in a very simple way. Expecting topics from Analylical Geometry.It will be better if you give some problems after each topic.
    Math said...
    Thanks Dave for your suggestion. I will consider this in my next posts.

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