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My readers are asking me, how they can type math symbols when sending questions. You can use any of the following methods.

  1. For those who are having a scanner. You can write your questions in a paper and scan it and save it as a JPGE file. Attach this file with your E-mail and send it to me at:
  2. If you don't have a scanner, you can send it as a word file. For typing Math symbols you can use Equation Editor. If you are using MS word it is already there. In the tool bar, click insert. Now you can see object option. Click object. In the 'create new' option, select Microsoft equation. With this you can type the Math symbols you want. Save your question as a .doc file and attach it with your E-mail and send it to me at:

I have mentioned about my service in an earlier post . Please read that before sending the questions. Read that here

If you have Math Type you can use that also.


  1. Malathy said...
    Wonderful blog.
    I am a Maths teacher too. Reg the MS Equation, I do not see it in my MS Word. Is there any other tool?
    Math said...
    Which version of word you are using? Otherwise You can Buy or get the trial version of Math Type

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