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Yesterday one friend reviewed my site and remarked that I am doing math homework for children and in his opinion it is not fair. To some extent he is correct because it can lead to undesirable character traits if it promotes cheating by just copying. But please note that I do not, "do math homework" for "them". I explain concepts, show them how to set up a problem, give hints, and try to get them started. There are children who can not do all the homework for themselves because it is not always been given by the individuals capacity. But if we provide some good "help" they may be able to do it. I may give the answers, so that they can check their work.

I am not providing voluntary help.. Nobody will simply throw their money if they really don't want this service. So nobody will seek the help without even try to do it. I think children who really need the help only write to me. And I hope, students, you use this service in a good manner only, if not I request you to don't misuse my service.

Good luck and happy learning.


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