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In my last post I mentioned about paradox. Let's see what a paradox is. A paradox is a situation in which something seems both true and false. in other words a paradox is a sentence or a sentiment that is seemingly contradict or opposed to common sense and is yet perhaps true in fact.


  1. When we increase our knowledge, we know how little we know and there are lots of things we really don't know about. So when we really know a lot we say "I know that I know nothing"

  2. A Mobius strip (wait for my next post to know what a Mobius strip is) is a topological paradox.Actually a mobius strip is a surface with only one side and one boundary; but it seems that it has two surfaces and two boundaries.

Paradoxes are as old as humankind. The ancient Greeks studied them intensely and resulted in the discovery of irrational numbers.


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