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Mathematical Logic

Mathematical logic is branch of mathematics. The idea of logic was first given by an English man George Boole in 1854 in his book ‘An investigation of the Laws of Thoughts. Logic is the study of reasoning.

In practical life, we express our ideas by means of sentences. A sentence may be either true of false or neither.In Mathematics we are concerned with only those sentences which are either true or false. These sentences are called logical statements.
A sentence which is both true and false simultaneously is not a sentence, rather, it is a paradox.(I will give details about paradox in my next post)


  1. The angles of a rectangle are right angle-Since this sentence is true it is a statement.

  2. 3+6=10-Since this sentence is false, it is a statement.

  3. x is a prime number-this is true for x=2,3,5 etc but false for x=1,4,6 etc.So this sentence is not a logical statement.


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