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Everything is Number

Pythagoras had the habit of thinking about the numbers always. He had a passion for numbers.
He mentioned each number has its own qualities like this:-

  • One: It represents reason. It is the source of all numbers
  • Two: Represents Man
  • Three: Represents Woman
  • Four: It represents justice because it is the product of two equal numbers
  • Five: Represents wedding. Because it is the sum of 2(Man) and 3(Woman)


  1. Tomo Tori said...
    So does that mean that you can students in Year 8 as well? At school, we are currently learning year 9 mathematics. If I have a problem, will you reply to pupils as young as me?
    Math said...
    Ofcourse. You are most welcome.
    Feal free to ask me your doubts and problems.
    Anonymous said...
    I need some help with my grade 9 probability questions and would be so grateful if you can answer soon. The topic is on Probability and I'm finding it difficult. There are these questions that I don't understand:

    1. For Year 9 students, 20% have a shoes size greater than 10 1/2, but 95% have a shoe size less than 11 1/2. What is the chance of a Year 9 student having a shoe size:

    a) Less than or equal to 10 1/2
    b) 11 1/2 or larger
    c) between 10 1/2 and 11 1/2.

    2. If a die is rolled twelve times, how many times, on average, would you expect the result to be:

    a) a six?
    b) an odd number?
    c) a number greater than 2?

    3. A survey of Kylie Crescent shows that 20% of the families have 1 child, 45% have 2 children, 15% have 3 children and 10% have more than 3 children. What is the probability that a family has chosen at random will have:

    a) 2 children?
    b) more than 2 children?
    c) at least 2 children?
    d) no children?

    I apologize for the amount of questions I am asking of you but I have extreme difficulty with the topic and I really want someone to enlighten me about this.

    Thank you for your help and I can't wait to receive your reply.

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