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Area Problem

John has a rectangular lawn of dimensions 50 meter by 40 meter.

It has two roads each 2 meter wide running in the middle of it one parallel to the length and one parallel to the breadth. He wants to tar the road.

Find area of the roads to be tarred.


We have two roads to be tarred. One is horizontal and the other is vertical.

So, area to be tarred is the area of the two roads which are rectangular in shape.

Area of a rectangle is length x breadth.

Area of the horizontal road = 2 x 50=100 sq.m

Area of the vertical road = 2 x 40=80 sq.m

So,the total are of the two roads=100+80=180 sq.m

But, the roads are crossing at the middle. It is a square portion of sides 2m by 2m in dimensions and we can see that two times we added that area. So, we should subtract that area from the total area of the two rectangular roads.

Area of the square portion is 2 x 2=4 sq.m

Therefore, the area to be tarred = Total area of the two rectangles - The common area

Ans: 176 sq.m


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