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Meaningful learning

Before we try to understand the concept of meaningful learning, it will be better here to know what learning stands for. according to R.S Wood worth "an activity may be called learning in so far it develops the individual in any way good or bad and makes his environment and experiences different from what it would otherwise have been".

Learning can produce both good and bad developments in the learner. But the learner, hie parents, his teachers and the society in general want the process of learning to lead to good results and healthy outcomes.
Meaningful learning is therefore that learning which is oriented towards good experiences and outcomes. In it there is no place for meaningless and harmful experiences. It must ensure positive results. It is constructive, productive, purposeful and progressive in nature.

Meaningful learning in mathematics can consist of the mathematical experiences of the following nature;-

  1. Which are helpful in mental, emotional and social development.
  2. which have utilitarian, practical and behavioral values.
  3. Which are useful in learning higher and advanced aspects of the subject.
  4. Which are helpful in the proper learning of other subjects and activities of the curriculum.
  5. Which stimulate and maintain interest in the subject.


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