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Today let's relax a bit.

A peasant is convicted. He gets the death penalty. The judge allows him to say a last sentence in order to determine the way the penalty will be carried out. If the peasant lies, he will be hanged, if he speaks the truth he will be beheaded. The peasant speaks a last sentence and to everybody surprise some minutes later he is set free because the judge cannot determine his penalty.

What did the peasant said?

The peasant said: "I shall be hanged!"

If the peasant was lying, he would be hanged. But that's what the peasant was saying. So he speaks the truth. But if he speaks the truth, he would be beheaded, so then he was not speaking the truth. So it is impossible for the judge to determine whether the peasant speaks the truth or not. So therefore the judge cannot determine the penalty and sets the peasant free.

Don't go away....... I need your help.......

My 2 year old son put a coin in an empty bottle and insert a cork into the neck of the bottle.
The bottle has a very nice shape. So I don't want to break it.
How could I remove the coin without taking the cork out ?


Don't worry for a solution. He himself found a way and took it out. He pulled the cork into the bottle and the coin came out.


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