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The Missing Dollar

Today I have a very interesting puzzle for you. Some of you might have heard about this before. Do you know the answer? Here is the puzzle once again.

Three friends went to a restaurant for lunch. When the bill arrived, it came exactly $30. So each person put in $10 towards the bill. The waiter took the money but the manager pointed out that the customers had been overcharged by $5. The dishonest waiter took five $1 coins from the till and kept 2 for himself and gave back the other 3 back to the customers.

Each of the friends had paid $10 minus the $1 they got back for the meal. That is each paid $9 which in total is $27 for all the 3 friends. The waiter had kept $2 making a total of $27 + $2 = $29.

So what happened to the other $1?


There is no missing dollar here. The friends spent $ 27 together. From that $25 they paid for the bill and the remaining $2 had taken by the waiter. But I have one question for you -Who told you to add $2 to $27?


  1. John said...
    Sneaky question with entertaining obfuscation. Took me a minute to figure out where the flaw is. I like it.

    It will help those trying to solve the problem to keep track of all the places the money goes.
    John said...
    Since the answer won't show, the issue is the addition of the $2 to the $27. The $2 is already included in the $27 paid by the men.
    Anonymous said...
    The $2 the waitor took should be subtracted from the $27, not added. This gives $25 which is the correct amount of the bill.
    Math said...
    Hi Anonymous
    congrats. you are correct

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