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An Interesting E-Mail

Today I received an interesting E-Mail. Here is the Mail and the reply I have sent.

Plot the point with coordinates (3, –5).

Graph 2x – y = 4.

Graph using the intercept method: 2x + y = 4.

Write the equation of the line with slope 4 and y-intercept (0, –5). Then
graph the line.

Math For You to P

Hi P
Thanks for writing to me
I think you have four questions. So my fee willbe $6. If that is O.K for you, I will send the detailed solutions for you.

P to me
You don't have to send me a solution for my problems because the site said
that it was free.

Math For You to P
No. Where did you see that? I have clearly mentioned about my service at the home page.Here also you can see more details. did you send the questions then?

P to me
Like I mentioned earlier the site said something about getting free help
witrh your math. I got the site from another math student so maybe I
clicked on the wrong site. That is why I posted the questions. Once again
you can disregard the questions and I will found help elsewhere. Sorry if
I wasted your time.

Math For You to P
No P,
You came from MSN for the keyword 'Math Genius'.( ) Not even for math help.So you are not a targeted visitor for me.So it do not worry me.(otherwise also no problem.I have been getting enough clients.) You are from Bastrop,Louisiana, U.S.You go to anywhere for help.(are you really a student?)That is not my topic. But I have a humble request : Don't lie.I have the detailed track record of your visit.
Don't worry.Take a deep breath and Relax.

P to me
I think I misread the article it said free lessons. Like I say disregard
the questions because I already have the solution.

Math For You to P
That is O.K. No problem.


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