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It is very important for a math student to learn the basic concepts in mathematics. It is a common fact that most children find math is very hard and in particular Geometry. The main reason behind this is that they don't have the basics in maths.
and in Geometry the concepts are more abstract. If the students get some good basic help in math, I am sure most of them do better in maths. So let us learn some basics of Geometry today.
There are three basic concepts of geometry. These are "point", "line" and "plane". I am not attempting to define them as it is not possible to define them precisely. We can however, have a good idea of these three by considering examples. A fine dot made by a sharp pencil on a sheet of paper, resembles a geometrical point very closely. The sharper the pencil, the closer is the dot to the concept of a point.

The surface of a sheet of paper or the surface of a smooth table are examples of plane. But these surfaces limited in extent. The geometrical plane extends endlessly in all directions.
A straight line, drawn on a sheet of paper with a sharp pencil, is a close example of a geometrical straight line. A geometrical line is a set of points and extends endlessly in both the directions. To emphasize this we use two arrowheads.
It is impossible to find exact example for point,line and plane in nature. The geometrical point, line and plane are ideal concepts. but for practical purpose it is enough to deal with close examples.
So, a plane is a set of points, line is a subset of plane. Moreover all the other figures in geometry are sets of points. But they are not just set of points. They are special set of points possessing some properties.

We use capital letters such as A, B, C, P, Q, R, X, Y, Z etc. to denote points.
We use small letters (lower case) such as l,m,n,p,q,r etc. to denote lines.


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