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Some Math Jokes

You may be amazed to hear that people have bothered to dream of jokes with a mathematical theme. Here is a few to keep you going.

• ‘Old mathematicians never die’-they just lose their functions.
• ‘Mathematicians don’t sin-they sine, and always have a nice tan but are forever going off on a tangent.
• Math teacher mum talking to her son-…..’ if I have told you n times I have told you n+1 times’
• What do you call a tea pot of boiling water on top of Mount Everest- H ypotenuse( high pot in use) >• WHY IS 6 AFRAID OF 7? -Because 789 (7 ate 9)
• What is the sine of 40?- Over the hill.
• What did one math book say to another book?- I have lots of problems.
• SON: Dad, will you do maths homework for me tonight ?
FATHER:No son, it wouldn’t be right.
SON: Well, you can try.


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