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10 Trees Problem

There are 10 trees spaced out equally along my street with one at each end. If I run at a steady speed from one end of the street, I can reach the 5 th tree in just 5 seconds.

How long would it take me to run down the whole street at the same pase?
( No, it is not 10 seconds)

Did you get the answer?

When I reach the 5 th tree I cover 4 trees.
So,time taken to cover 4 trees is 5 seconds.
So, time taken to cover 1 tree is 5/4 seconds.
When I reach the 10 th tree I cover 9 trees.
So, time taken to cover 9 trees( and this is same as the time taken to run down the whole street) is 9 multiplies 5/4
ie 45/4
11.25 seconds


  1. Gattina said...
    I am not ready for the olympics yet and as I walk my dog who stops at every tree, for 4.5 min, maybe you can calculate for me how long it would take to go home ?
    lol, I always hated math !
    Math said...
    Thanks for visiting and leave a comment,although you hate Math. I don't know why people hate math.

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